Pork Ard Mas

Pork Ard Mas

In the good old days when we had our piggy toilets, pigs were slaughtered and butchered at home itself. This was usually done for feasts and occasions, virtually nothing was wasted, the meaty parts went into the pork vindaloo, sarapatel included the liver, heart and even ears, not to forget the intestines used to store and preserve the tit bits and chunks of meat in the form of Goa sausages.

As you can imagine, one would have a feast on the day of the occasion but on the day before that it was Ard Mas, the pork bone curry made out of the ribs and other bony parts. Today we have for you the Pork Ard Mas Recipe, to bring back those good old memories.

Pork Ard Mas Masala Ingredients:

ard mas masala ingredients

10 Kashmiri Chillies
1 Tsp Cumin seeds
7-8 flakes Garlic
1 tsp coriander seeds
10 cloves
4-5 small pieces of cinnamon sticks
10 peppercorns
Small ball of Tamarind
1 tsp Turmeric
2 tbps Vinegar

Pork Ard Mas Main Ingredients:

spare pork with bones

1 Kg Pork with Bones
2 cut Onions
1 inch Ginger
Green Chillies as per taste
Salt to taste


Firstly wash the meat and chop/dice the onions and the ginger.

green chilly and diced onions

Put the pork pieces in a pan and turn on the heat, nice and slow.

Add the onions to it. You don’t need to add any oil, because pigs are fat 🙂

add the onions
Next add the juliennes of ginger.

add juliens of ginger

While this is cooking put all the ard mas masala ingredients in a mixer and blend it.

blending the masala ingredients

This is what the ard mas masala looks like.

ard mass masala

Keep that aside and wait for the pork to turn this colour.

cook till brown

Once that’s happened, time to ad the masala.

add the ard mass masala

Don’t add all of it, it may be a little extra, just mix it evenly and check if you need to add more.

mix masala evenly

Add some salt to taste

add salt to taste

Add water to cook the meat

add water to cook

Bring the mixture to a boil and then let it cook slowly till done

bring the ard mas to a boil

Slice and add your green chilles if you like

slice and add green chilles

Voila, your Pork Ard Mas is ready 🙂

pork ard mas



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9 years ago

Hi Clyde,
I thank you and your family from the bottom of my heart for graciously sharing your recipes. I tried this and even though I made it with goat meat, it was just yum!! My mum (from Moira), used to make Pork Tamriad (not sure if this is Goan) Do you know of this dish? If you do, please share it because I can no longer ask my Mum now and I used to love it so much. Thanks Mel

10 years ago

Great recipe. Substituted kashmir chillies with california guajillo chile and increased the garlic and used 4 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, as I had no Tamarind and boy! it came out delicious and ambot!!
Thank you.

10 years ago

Love this site..recepies I have forgotten or never had the time to try in my adult life. I watched my Mom make most of these for years..and enjoyed eating them. I will try these recepies and give my kids an education! From Dublin Ireland.

Sunita Jacob
Sunita Jacob
10 years ago

hiii..how can anyone laugh at the Goan names… the recipes r so gooood..I used to all these names as I have very good Goan friends…n I hve been eating all sorts of goan food frm them.. really yr blog is very good n I get lot of ideas with regard to goan masalas n especially the sweets…keep it up n thanx for the updates

Betty Fernandez
10 years ago

Thanks so much for the recipes you keep emailing me from time to time and all the recipes available on your site. I find them really delicious and easy to follow too. Please keep them coming…

7 years ago

I have got hooked on your recipes which I have stumbled on after I found the Goan Prawn Balchao recipe on your website. Live in Lonon so would like to know apart from Pork ribs what other parts/cuts of the pig I should ask the butcher for. Want to try this dish. Thank you.

7 years ago

Hi Clyde,

Thanks very much for your perfect authentic goan recipes.


5 years ago

Hi Clyde
You have posted the best recipes ever. Well done. Can pigs trotters be used for this recipe? Or do you have a separate recipe for pigs trotters. My mouth is watering just writing about it. Please email and publish one if you have it.
Thanks and well done