Godshe the Simple Goan Dessert

Godshe the Simple Goan Dessert

Godshe reminds me of my good old school days when I would come back home for tea wondering what mother would have read to gobble up, Godshe was one of those finest tea time surprises she had in store.

Godshe is like paisum to a certain extent except it does not have the dry fruits et all, its sweetness is derived from the unique pyramid shaped Goa jaggery.

Godshe Ingredients:

1 Cup Rice
1/4 Cup Moong Dal
Thick and Thin Milk of One Coconut
Jaggery Two Squares Minimum you can put Extra if you want the Godshe sweeter or of a darker color.
Pinch of Salt
Ingredients for Godshe

Godshe Procedure:

Soak the Rice and Dal overnight then cook it in the thin coconut milk.
Boil the rice and dal in coconut milk
Keep cooking till it becomes soft and make sure its on a slow flame.
Cook the dal and rice till they get soft
Once you cook it for a little while and the rice and dal has softened you can add the required amount of Goa jaggery.
Add the required amount og Goa Jaggery
Now once again this will require some patience as you keep stirring it and wait for it to thicken, slower the flame the better.
Keep stirring the mixture
Make sure the mixture does not get stuck to the bottom of the dish, when you find the mixture has thickened enough you can add the thick coconut milk.
Once it gets thick add the coconut milk
Once again its time to stir up some magic, add a pinch of salt as you keep stirring, no getting stuck at the bottom of the dish!
Add a pinckh of salt to the mixture
By now you would find the Godshe appearing darker in colour and it gets thicker as you stir, until it gets that perfect colour and viscosity.
Once the Godshe has thickened its time to get it out
Now you can get the Godshe off the fire and pour it into trays for cooling, not too deep a centimeter thick is good. It gets solidified to a certain extent.
Pour the Godshe in a dish for cooling
This is a some like it hot some like it cold dish, I alternate between the two, you go ahead and try it whichever way you like.
Read to eat Godshe

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Ruth Fernandes UK August 10th 2015 at 10.33 am
Hi I love your website .It explains everything step by step. I have tried a few of your receipes and I enjoyed doing them.
Keep up the good work and Thank You so much.

Jeswin Rebello

This is godshen from which area?
The Godshen that my Grandma used to prepare (and she is from Chinchinim, Salcete) was more watery. Looking at the pictures it reminds me of another dish she used to prepare which looked familiar (not Dodol).

Of course with her passing I miss her favorite dishes.

Fernando Rodrigues

Hi, it should probably be Voan/Woan.



Simply amazing site. Brings back fond memories of my mum's cooking. Es[ecially this recipe. I just couldn't get the name of this dish. Thanks a lot.

Craigan Menezes

my mom adds a few turmeric leaves(patoleo leavea) when they are available…gives this awesome aroma, and a slightly different taste…


all you guys are more than welcome and thanks for leaving behind suggestions and improvements as well !

Evona Fernandes

I love Godshe too. I stay in Bombay and so we use sugar instead of Jaggery which we use while staying in Goa. Also, we use chana dal instead of moong dal. It tastes best with chana dal.


my husband loved this recipe a lot…thanks to you guys !

Anita Fernandes

Thanks on sharing the wonderful authentic Goan recipe. It has bought back such wonderful childhood memories and fortunately has kept the authentic recipe still alive in the memories. Thanks once again as was never able to learn this dish earlier but now am proud that i know these authentic recipes.


Loved this godshe recipe. I remember our Mae making it for the the minute we arrived in Goa for our summer vacations. Thanks for reviving that memory for me.


Savia Fernandes

Dear Clyde,
Thank you for sharing these authentic Goan Recipies. The Dishes I've tried, all turned out to be yum. The Bolinghas, I tried were very tasty! The step-by-step recipes with pics, makes it more easier to prepare the dishes.
Could you please post the recipe for Sannas esp. with the yeast option, since Toddy is unavailable here in the U.A.E.


My Mum used to make Godshe for us and I don't think I've had it since I left India over 25 yrs ago. I must remind my Mum so she can revive it. Thank you for all the pictures. Vanita from Australia


My grandma used to make godshen with rice, whole moong / chawli (black-eyed beans), jaggery (Goan or plain), ground coconut and elaichi.


Your recipes are fantastic…Im a Goan but moved to US and really miss home food…all your dishes remind me of my moms cooking back home. Whenever I have a craving for home food I just have to visit your site…all the dishes I tried making so far have turned out really well. A BIG THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS…KEEPING OUR CULTURE N CUISINE ALIVE 🙂


Your mother's recipes are all great. Have tried out three so far to be sure I get them right at Christmas time. My family enjoyed them and now I know I can happily serve them to our friends.



I’m from Bombay
another variant of Godshe made by mom is that using normal jaggery + split chana dal + coconut juices.
i love that too.


sound of the river

You are doing a great job … in the modern world when we are taking short cuts to everything it is very important to preserve our traditional cooking . Your efforts are amazing thank you soo much !!!


@ Anonymous, thank you so much, its so nice to know that we have brought back memories, tea time Godshe that your mother used to make. Its amazing isn’t it, we have so much to thank them for 🙂


I have been searching for the Godshe recipe and have finally found it on your website. My mum use to make it for us at tea time too but I never knew what it was called-finally I know and have found it on your website. Thank you. Your website is awesome; pictures add a special touch and the recipes are very authentic Goan.


Where will I get Goan jaggery in Mumbai..Pls help me

Rufus Dias

Brings back beautiful memories. Thanks

Mona (Toronto)

Thank you so much for sharing all these yummy recipes with everyone. Many Goans I know would say “oh I don’t have a set recipe for this or that dish or sweet, . I just used my own measurements, As the saying goes when you give something, your get something better in return. So I must say that you will be Blessed in abundance for doing such a good deed.. Your family must be so proud of you.