Patoleo : the August 15th Goan Sweet

Patoleo : the August 15th Goan Sweet

Patolleo or Patoleo, pronounced at pathayo, is a Goan sweet prepared for the feast of the Assumption of Mary. The time when the first corn is offered for a good harvesting season. Lets learn how to make the Patoleo!

Patolleo Ingredients:

goa jaggery
1/4 kg Goa red rice, or boiled rice (big fat unpolished rice)
1/2 a Coconut grated
1 Teaspoon salt
2 Small Pyramids Goa Jaggery
6 Cardamoms
Turmeric Leaves also known as Haldi Ka Patta
3/4th Cup Water

grated coconut with cardamom

First we need to add the coconut to the jaggery and set it on a slow fire.
coconut with jaggery

Add the 3/4th cup of water to the coconut and jaggery and stir it occasionally.
add a little water

While thats on the fire, you can wash and clean the turmeric leaves.
wash and clean haldi leaves

cleaned turmeric leaves
Wash the rice and put it in the blender with a little water.
gorgeous goan rice

put the rice in a blender
Once its ground to a paste pour it out into a vessel and get ready to keep it aside.
pour the ground rice in a vessel

Don’t forget to occasionally stir the jaggery and coconut mix 🙂
stri the jaggery and coconut

Now add the salt to the rice and put it on a slow fire.
add salt to the ground rice and heat it
While thats getting down clean the cardamom by removing the insides and getting rid of the outer covering.
clean the cardamom

Crush the cleaned cardamom into a powder, as fine as you can manage to.
crush the cardamom

Add the cardamom to the coconut and jaggery mix, that will end up being the filling for the Patolleo.
add the cardamom to the coconut jaggery mixture

Mix the cardamom evenly in the coconut jaggery by stirring it up.
mix the cardamom with the jaggery and coconut

In the meantime your rice should be nearly done, when it thickens enough and begins to leave the side you’ll know its ready.
heat on a slow fire with ocassional stirring

Once its done allow it to cool off a bit, and then knead the rice dough.
once done knead the dough

This is my 92 year old grandmother teaching you to make a patolleo, take a small ball of the dough.
grand ma making patolleo

Line it along the main vein of the leaf and flatten it towards the sides.
spread the jaggery mix on the goa rice mix

The thinner the rice the better, the more the stuffing the yummier 🙂 Stuff the patolleo with the jaggery and coconut mix and then fold the leaf as shown.
folding the patolleo
sealing the uncooked patoleo

Once all patolleos are sealed you reach the final step, time to turn up the steam.
ready to cook patolleo

Ge out your steamer, that may look something like this, fill it up with water.
water in the steamer

Place your Patolleos in the steamer, as much as you can get in there, theres no problem if one is on top of the other.
fill the steamer with patolleos

The Patoleos have to be cooked for around twenty minutes in the steamer before they are done.
patolleos in the steamer
This is what comes out of the steamer after twenty minutes.
cooked patolleos
The leaves give the rice a lovely flavor and the jaggery with coconut makes the patoleo sweet and wholesome, can also be made as a tea time snack 🙂

ready to eat patoleos
Here’s another Goan sweet that we hope you enjoy making!

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ABCD Rodrigues
9 years ago

Wish you and your family a blessed & joyous feast of Our Lady 🙂
We thank you for your indepth method and followed the same. It worked out great & everyone loved it 🙂

D Fernandes
D Fernandes
10 years ago

DEU BOREM KORUN TUMCAN. VIVA GOA ! Macan won achi receipe zai.

10 years ago

A big thank you to your grandma. I loved the step by step explanation. Brings back memories when I was in India. I sm wondering where I would find the leaves in Vancouver.

10 years ago

This dish is made by us too….very famous in Mangalore…maybe coz we are originally from Goa..ancestors migrated….Thanks for sharing the recipe… 🙂 Love when elders share the authentic recipes to the next generations

11 years ago

Thank you and your grandmother and all those who share theiran recepies. We grew up in a part of Pakistan where we did not have coconut and could only get fish, and all the stuff needed for goan cookery in big stores. Later married a goan did finally get some of the stuff but did not have people to share their receipes. So I thank God for people like you who share their recepies with others. God bless you always and may he continue to you to be an inspiration to others.

Avral Fernandes
Avral Fernandes
11 years ago

I tried your pateoleo recipe today and it turned out just great. I grew the leaves during the summer and although late for 15th August, I made it for thanksgiving on Oct 6 to share with the family. A little taste of Goa here in Canada…yummy. Thanks for sharing this amazing site with us.

11 years ago

Hooked to your site. I hv recently tried the prawn balcho and it was amazing, thank you so much and for keeping the goan cusine alive. just a small doubt. i make pateoll every 15 th august, but i don't cook the rice like how you hv shown…?? just spread it on the leave (after soaking it overnight adn then grinding it), and it is still lovely… so how does this taste….???
Mitchelle dsouza.

Michelle Coelho do Rosario
Michelle Coelho do Rosario
12 years ago

Nothing like seeing a Goan avo / tia making them..God bless her..I miss patoleos so so very much

12 years ago

Love your site. Very painstaking with all those super pix..keep up the good work of sharing!
A query on milk cream (everyone's fav sweet!)-
Is it better to use full cream or toned milk? Other recipes state adding butter in the mixture whilst cooking, while yours only mentions it for the mould? Can you please post marzipan recipe?

13 years ago

Love your Grand Ma for sharing this recipe … May God Bless her. I love this sweet but unfortunately we dont get patolleo in Kuwait 🙁

Gauri Gharpure
13 years ago

Thanks for sharing this rare and so authentic a dish in such detailed steps.. many thanks to your granny too!

Michael Pinto
Michael Pinto
6 years ago

Anyone know where you can get Turmeric Leaves in Toronto?

4 years ago
Reply to  Michael Pinto

You get the turmeric in the grocery stores and grow them at home – easy to grow inside the house too – in Toronto

Arlene Pingale
Arlene Pingale
6 years ago

Just tried this recipe, superb, very easy to follow.. Thanks to your grandma.

5 years ago

Thank you for the recipe .Made this after a long time and forgot how to do it. I just don’t remember my mother cooking the rice batter, but I followed your method.

3 years ago

Doesn’t the rice need to be soaked overnight?