Prawn Chilly Fry

Prawn Chilly Fry

This is an homestyle prawn chilly fry, funny thing is when mom had come down to Goa we lacked some of the ingredients to do this the exact way we do it at home. So with a minor alterations here is the recipe that is a dish in itself but is also a half way mark to our next recipe 🙂

We din’t have spring onions and we missed out on the turmeric powder. But this prawn chilly fry is perhaps one of the fastest dishes that can be done within 15 minutes when you are ready.

Prawn Chilly Fry Ingredients:

prawn chilly fry ingredients

1 Cup Small Prawns or Kardi
1 Bunch Spring Onions
4 Garlic Flakes
1 Carrot
1 Potato
1 Capsicum
2 Green Chilies Cut Fine
3 Tables Spoons Chopped Corriander
1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Pre Roasted Jeera Powder
Salt as per taste


Clean and salt the prawns and then keep them aside.

add salt to the cleaned prawns

Heat some oil in a pan, add the jeera powder and its time to sauté some of the ingredients.

heat oil in a pan

First the Garlic, stir fry it.

stir fry the garlic

Add the onions and chilly and keep it on for a minute or two.

add onions and chillies

Stir and add the capsicum, followed by the carrots.

add the capsicum

add the chopped carrots

Then add the potatoes and last but not the least don’t forget to add the prawns 🙂

add potatoes to saute

finally add the prawns

Fry the whole thing for a bit.

stir fry the entire mixture

Wait till its a little brown, note at the time of doing the recipe we ran out of turmeric, you should add it at this point

wait till its slightly brown

Add the coriander to the prawn chilly fry

add some corriander to the mixture

Then add some lime

add some lime

Cover the pan and let it cook for a while

place lid and let it cook

Stir until all the water has evaporated and the prawns are cooked

almost done

Here’s your prawn chilly fry don’t forget to add salt as per your taste.

prawn chilly fry

A continuation of this recipe will be added shortly where you use this chilly fry and turn it into something even better.


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9 years ago

Have made pan rolls with ground beef, but never with prawns. Definitely going to try this! Sounds very yummy. (Plenty of prawn lovers in my family. I'm going to make sure I hide some away for myself before they all disappear :))

Betty Fernandez
9 years ago

Seems easy and quick and I'm sure, very tasty!

Mervyn Carvalho
Mervyn Carvalho
6 years ago

Keep up the good work ?

Anjali Falleiro
Anjali Falleiro
4 years ago

Thanks Clyde. Happy eating

Verena Stella Furtado
Verena Stella Furtado
3 years ago

Wow, the best part about this site is the pictures which gives a much better understanding of the recipe & make me jump to my Kitchen & start cooking….. Thank you especially for sharing the pics… I love GOA…..mouth watering……GOD BLESS YOU sweetie & GOA n all Goan FLY’s

3 years ago

How many onions to chop? Do we add ginger also?

3 years ago

Hi Clyde, thank for all the fantastic goan recipes you share. Your site is my first-point reference for any goan recipes I need. And they all turn out fabulous!

3 years ago

When do we add the spring onions? As a garnish or along with the vegetables?

2 years ago

As a child I ate kardi in a semi red curry with a goan family very often. Seemed very simple
Can you give me the recipe. It is semi dry. seemed like just onion and redchilli paste or maybe garlic.
They ate it very often