Desiccated Coconut Cake from Egg Whites

Desiccated Coconut Cake from Egg Whites

This recipe is a quick fix for all the extra egg whites when you make a Bibinca. Yes instead of getting rid of the egg whites, collect them and use them later on to make this cake. It is quite tasty but not as excellent as a normal dessicated coconut cake.


300gms Egg Whites
250gms Butter
250gms Powdered Sugar
250gms Margarine
250gms Milk Cream
150gms Flour
100gms Cashewnut Powder
100gms Desicated coconut
One Egg Yoke
One Fresh Sour lime


Put the Powdered Sugar, Butter, Cream, Margarine and the Egg Yoke in a dish so that you can mix them all together.
Desiccated Coconut Cake Ingredients

A thick mixture is formed, continue beating till everything is mixed well.
Begining of the Mixture
Here’s Mama stirring up her magic, which she never fails to do.
My Mother Your Chef
Make the egg whites nice and fluffy by beating them for a bit.
Beating the Egg Whites
Untill they look foamy just like the picture below
Foamy Egg Whites
Add the Egg white to the mixture and yes the next step is pretty obvious again, keep beating.
Addin the Whites to the Mix
Yes, make sure the whole thing is mixed up well so you can move on to the next step.
You could Sieve the flour to add to the mixture.
Sieving flour
sieved Flour
Once you add the flour, the Chef recommends you fold it using a spatula.
Adding flour
Folding the flour, rather than using the mixer, I do not know why, you can feel free to experiment, that’s whats cooking is all about.
Folding Flour
Add a zest of lime, not too much just a bit to give it that tangy flavour, peel tiny bits of the sour lime skin and add it to the dish.
Zest of Sour Lime
Once your done with that you can add the desiccated coconut to the dish.
Desiccated Coconut
The Cashew nuts have to powdered in the blender to add to the cake as well.
Cashew nut powder
Add it to the mixture that seems pretty wholesome now and start mixing again.
Adding Cashew Nut Powder
Start mixing till everything is blended well, its now time to add the essence.
Beating the mix
You need to add some Vanilla and Almond essence.
Vanilla and Almond essence
A cap full of both should do the trick, you can add more as per your taste.
Adding Vanilla Essence
You can then add a little bit of milk, just add the amount you can see in the picture below, not too much.
A Dash of Milk
If you would like the cake to have a bit of colour in it, so when you cut slices you can have a colourful inside seperate some of the mixture in the the bowl as you can see.
Putting the Batter in Colour
Theres a couple of drops of colour in the dish and mix it about till you see the colour of it below.
Colouring the Batter
Make sure you have powdered the tray with some flour or your cake will stick to the tray after baking.
Powdered tray for Baking
Put your batter into the tray, do not fill it to the brim cause cakes tend to swell up a little bit.
Batter in the Tray
Once the batter is in the tray level it out by shaking the tray nice n slowly in a kind of vibrating manner left and right.
Levelled Batter
Put it in the oven to bake, to test if the cake is baked properly you need to put in a butter knife into it till you reach the bottom and then pull it out. If nothing is stuck to the cake the insides are cooked.
Half Baked Cake
Tun on the top heat to give the cake a nice brown texture on the top if you like, be careful not to burn it.
Desiccated Coconut Cake
Your desiccated coconut cake is ready to eat!

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10 years ago

Tried your bebinca recipe. It was superb. Just wanted to know what type of milk cream we have to use for the dessicated coconut cake i.e amul fresh cream or home malai and also if we do not have to add baking powder for the cake as it is not mentioned in the recipe.
Thanks Blossom

10 years ago

Hi Clyde,
I luv ur website. I've tried major of the recipes coz i luv goan food. I wanted to try & make the dessicated coconut cake. So can u pls upload the original recipe of the same.
Thanx . Flavin ( Mumbai )

10 years ago

πŸ™‚ this is meant to do only when your making bibinca πŸ™‚ so you have something to do with the egg whites

11 years ago

excellent recipe…

11 years ago

this cake is awesome…just tried making it …superb

Manjunath Kudremath
11 years ago

God This is Mouth Wateringly Good!!!

12 years ago

@ divya

the temp is 250 degrees for the first twenty minutes after the cake rises lower the temperature to 180 till the cake gets brown on the top

each oven has a diff method of heating so it really depends on the kind of overn your using

12 years ago

Hi liked your blog and recipes..
just a request – whenever there are oven recipes involved kindly let us know the temp. in C' and the baking time (coconut cake).. As I do a lot of baking but yet its no guess work for any one let alone a layman trying this recipe. πŸ™‚

13 years ago

Great way to use egg whites. Made this cake this time around! Earlier used to just fry the egg whites.
The cake tastes good too!

13 years ago

God bless you Ma! the cake looks yummmmmmmmmmmmy, will definately try it this weekend, cause its just got egg whites.
Thanks – Libby (Dubai)

14 years ago

HI!! How many egg whites is 300 gms egg whites?????pictures are awesome……..and the cake looks yyummmmmmmmmmmmm

7 years ago

Clyde thank you soo much for this cake this cake and so had been searching for this since many days. I have a question though…can we substitute margarine with salted butter? ;can we use homemade milk cream instead of store bought and lastly what temperature and duration is required for baking this cake …thank u so much once again and Merry Xmas in advance. God bless you.?

4 years ago

Your temperature mentioned in Fahrenheit or celisus because if you convert the temperature you mentioned in cel 250 convert to Fahrenheit goes to around 482 and I think it’s toooo much too bake a cake it will get burn . Please kindly clarify the temperature and timing please if you can . We are using in us n it’s Fahrenheit