Mix Fruit Custard

Mix Fruit Custard

There was nothing more joyous than coming back home after to school to find a bowl of custard waiting. Although that usually was the quick fix ready made powder, the custard here today is not as quick to make but equally easy to make and much healthier than buying a mass produced product.

The best part about this is you can easily get your little ones to help you with it 🙂 From cutting or peeling the fruits, to dropping in the raisins and cashew nuts, make this custard a family bonding activity and everyone will enjoy it even more <3

So lets begin our next Goan culinary adventure with this Delicious Mix Fruit Custard 🙂


  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Cups Milk
  • 3 - 4 Tbsp Sugar
  • Fresh Vanilla or Essence
  • A Bunch of Fruits
  • Some Dry Fruits

different fruits

Your first step would be to choose a bunch of fruits, this is entirely dependent on season and availability. We put in some apples, bananas, strawberries, chikoos and oranges. Would have loved to have some grapes in it but din’t have any while making it.


Get all your ingredients ready, now if your going to use fresh vanilla like us, you will need to heat your milk with the vanilla in it to get all the flavour out of it. If your going to use cashewnuts or any other nuts, it would be a good idea to roast them to make them nice and crunchy.


Wash your fruits well especially grapes if you’re going to use them, chop, slice dice as you feel and get your little ones to help with the washing if not the cutting as well.


Time to get those eggs going, break two eggs in the vessel your going to put on the fire and whip them.




Once both the eggs are beaten well you can start adding the milk to the custard and stir it again.


The quantity of sugar is always actually based on your taste, we prefer to have less sugar, even though we use organic sugar we try to avoid sugar quite a bit 🙂 So start off with two tablespoons and you can add more later.


Mix the sugar up and you can now put it on the fire, we cleaned out the vanilla from inside the pods and well its just a tiny bit below.



Keep stirring the mixture and ensure it doesn’t get stuck on the bottom.


Add the vanilla essence, keep checking the consistency to know when the custard is ready.


When the custard becomes smooth at the bottom of the vessel and coats the spoon when you lift it up. Remember if this is your first time you’re making this custard it would be much easier to figure out the consistency with a wooden spoon.


Once it forms a coat on the spoon your custard is ready, keep it aside to cool off and it will form a nice thick layer on the top 🙂


Once its cooled off pour it on the fruits. Here’s my son placing the cashewnuts, fresh mulberries and raisins 🙂



Once that’s down put it in the fridge and serve post lunch. Enjoy yet another Goan delicacy by us <3

mix fruit custard

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