Bolinhas the Teatime Treat

Bolinhas the Teatime Treat

Bolinhas, another teatime delight that can double up as something special on your table’s Christmas Offerings. Easy to do, the procedure is not time consuming but would be better if you can leave part mixture overnight.

The end result is a soft, tasty Bolinha that crumbles in your mouth and as always leaving you with the desire to have one more 🙂
Bolinha Ingredients

Bolinhas Ingredients:

1 Medium Sized Coconut
1/4 Kg Rawa
1/4 Kg Sugar
1 Tbsp Ghee
3 Tbsp spoons Maida
1 Leveled Tsp Baking Powder
3 Eggs
Few Elaichi
1 Pinch Salt


Make a sugar syrup by heating the sugar in 1/2 a cup of water.Make a sugar syrupWhile the sugar is melting on a slow flame, grind the coconut in 1/4th cup of water.Make a ground coconut pasteOnce the coconut is ground, stir the sugar that should have nearly dissolved by now.Sugar Syrup
Add the Rawa to the sugar syrup and mis this up as well.
Add Rawa to the sugar syrup
Add the ground coconut to this mixture, mix it up and add the pinch of salt.Add coconut to the mixtureNow add the Ghee and keep stirring it,Add ghee to the mixUntil it all becomes one nice blend.Stir the mixture to a single blendYou can store the above mixture either overnight, for six hours or do it instantly. Its best you store it for a few hours and then proceed recommends the chef!

Once you stir it up, you can take the mixture off the fire.Take the mixture off the fireOut of the three eggs only add the the yokes, though it can be done with the entire egg as well. Remember to keep the egg white of one egg aside, the other two you can can store.Add all the egg yokesThen mix the yokes with the Bolinha mixture.Blend the yokes with the mixOnce thats done, clean and powder the Elaichi and add it to the mixture.Add the powdered elaichiMix the Maida and Baking powder,Maida and baking powderAdd it to the Bolinha mix,
Add the Maida and add the Baking Powder to the mixtureAnd stir it up again.Stir it up once againNow beat the one egg white till its fluffy..Beat one egg white till fluffyAdd it to the Bolinha mixture, thats the final ingredient to the Bolinha dough.Mix it with the bolina mixtureSo now that the doughs ready you can now get ready to bake.Mix it for the last time and keep asideSo now you need to shape your Bolinhas, take a ball out of the dough.Take a ball of Bolinha doughWith the help of some flour shape it as you would do to a cutlet.Shape it how you would shape a cutletFlatten the top of it an next get a butter knife to press a few lines into the dought to make a design.Flatten the top of the BolinhaYou can make diamonds like these below quite easily and they do look better after baking.Use a butter knife to make a designAs you finish them place them on your baking tray, that you have greased with a little Ghee.Ready to bake bolinhasSo place all the Bolinhas on the tray at a little distance from each other.Place the bolinhas on a greased trayPut them in the oven with the base heat on.Put them in the oven to bakeLeave it on for around twenty minutes, and then check and see if the base is firm by moving a Bolinha on the tray.Check and see if base is cookedIf its cooked, switch over to top heat and bake till the top gets brown.Once base is done turn on the top heatOnce your satisfied with the colour, its time to get them out of the oven and give yourself a special Christmas teatime treat!Ready to eat BolinhasSome people also call these the goan cookies or goan biscuits, Bolinhas are pronounced as bolinyas.


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Dan Soares

Hi Clyde,

Thanks for the recipe. Could you clarify what you mean by 'switch to top heat'. I'm using a standard oven in the US.



Remo Dsouza

Hi Clyde, I always wanted to make goan sweets, but couldnt quite find the correct receipes. Your recepies are so up to the mark, that just a bite of the Bolinhas and I started to cry.
God Bless for keeping Goan Cuisine alive through this website!!!


super super super 🙂

Liz Fernandez

i made these today and they turned out amazing!!

Thanks for the recipe! x


Thanks a ton. I made them..they r yummy


@ Everyone, thanks for the tips and for the feedback 🙂 Cheers

4 Leaved Clover

A big thank you for the wonderful recipes put up.

Chef Mireille

HI – I tried this recipe, although I adapted some things for an American kitchen. I had never tasted them before and they came out so delicious – I am a fan. You can see my attempt here –

Viola Saldanha

Clyde, compliments of the season!

May I suggest a few changes to this recipe? It's taken from a cookery book 'A Taste Of Goa' by Beryl Vieira Coutinho.

1. First try with only half the quantity.
2. Omit ghee, baking powder & maida.
3. Use only egg yolks.
4. Grind refrigerated grated coconut. It grinds easily without any or very little water.

Every thing else remains the same.

I tried your recipe. The outcome was almost like the bhaat. The above suggested changes results in nice crispy bolinyas.


@ kc

we use the thin rawa, don't recollect how much they make but its a good amount as you can see, i think it was two of these trays shown in the picture


what kinda rawa should be used the fat one or thin one ?also how many bolinhas does this recipe make


@ Karen

the recipe for doce can be found at



It is soo cool to see these recipes on here and know that you can make them too…. Please could you ask your mom for the recipe of DOCE… I would love to try it at home.



Darwin Here,

Well .. visited home lately and came back with lots of bolinas …. which got over in no time … Thanks a lot for this blog …. will always have Bolina's to cherish Forever !!!! 🙂 Proud to be a GOAN!!!


hi my name is aldrin i am very interested in learning more goan food dishes i would appreciate if it would be possible for you to post recipes on dodol and other goan interesting recipes today i am trying the bolenas would surely let you know of the outcome
regards Aldrin Rodrigues


I tried this recipe and it really came out well, I am from goa too, i often visit your blog hoping to see more goan recipes like khotkhotem that is a black hard sweet like brittle i might have misspelled it.


Thank you for sharing this recipe. I tried this out this weekend and they came out really great!

– Ancella


Great website, and I'm dying to make this! Can you tell me how many bolinhas this recipe yields?


I tried this recipe yesterday and it was great! Earlier I had tried other 2 recipes from the net and was not satisfied. This recipe I will make every Christmas and think(pray)for you. Thanks for clear step by step instructions. I would appreciate if you could post Baath recipe. God Bless You. – Carol


yummmmm!!! i jst love these….grt job!!(im so proud to b a goann njoy these treats…; )


@ Zita

My mother approximates the coconut to be around 200 to 250 grams

Zita Pereira

Since we normally buy fresh graded coconut in Packets aprox how much do u thing one coconut equals to? is it one tea cup or 2 tea cups.


@ Anonymous

Temp to pre heat the oven at 300 degrees fahrenheit, keep it that way till bolinhas are done then switch to top heat till brown, should take a total time of around 30 to 40 minutes


for ur bolinha recipe, cud u tell us how much to preheat the oven first and then how long to keep it for baking at what temperature?

Tanaya Nayak

Hello Clyde , I m a big fan of ur recepis , this one turned out to be as good as d others , really nice . Can u also post recipe for goan batk

Sam F

Hi Clyde,
Thanks for the recipe…it was the first time I tried making Bolinhas …. after I added the last ingredient i.e the egg white..the batter was very runny and not thick like seen in the pictures…what could the problem be?
they came out more like flat cookies than the cutlet shape …but they are tasty and do remind me of the bolinhas back home!

Lourdes Pereira

Hi Clyde – Thanks for the recipe, I will try it this christmas and am sure based on the comments others have given, mine too will come out perfect. For the past 2 years I have tried your kul kul recipes and they turned out superb crispy and yummy

Linus Fernandes

Do you have a calorie count for this recipe?


Could you tell me if I can make these using desiccated coconut? Also is there an alternative to fresh coconut?
Many thanks!