Goa's Pastry Heaven ~ Lisa's Cakes and Pâtisserie

Goa’s Pastry Heaven ~ Lisa’s Cakes and Pâtisserie

During our many visits to Goa we struck culinary Gold – a place that serves the most delicious cakes and pastries that will leave you gasping for more. I say this with all my heart that there is no place we have come across that compares to “Lisa’s Cakes and Patisseries.”

I understand the intensity of the above statement and let me tell you why. But first a little bit of history, Lisa’s pastry outlet started in 2008 by Perpetua and Luc. Luc is a French guy who married a local woman, Perpetua, and the shop is named after their daughter Lisa.

Each bite of the lemon pie, sets an explosion of flavours into your mouth, the baath cake virtually melts with each bite as the coconut flavour tickles each taste bud. You will realise once you taste it, that each delicacy is prepared with lot of love and joy. Because you can taste the goodness in each bite you take. Its not a regular pastry shop, but a magical treat for the taste buds.

Located in Mandrem, just beyond the market area, the workings of Lisa’s outlet is different as compared to any other. Here’s why – they stock up their materials required for a season, work begins as early as 5 am every day. The cakes and pastries are prepared by Luc, while Perpetua makes the cookies and they are ready to open by 10 am. On most days, everything is sold out by 1 pm – 2 pm, sometimes it may take a little longer but nothing lasts for the next day.

Lisa patisserie remains close during off-season, we requested for a cake to be made off season and the request was politely declined. “Susegad” (being content) with the rewards of tourist season and making the time for family offseason is what this outlet does. The beauty of this combined with the sweet price, they actually are real value for money, which makes me drive 20 kms just to reach pastry heaven.

My family with Perpetua 🙂

Our treat box, what we took back from the shop, all this plus a vanilla eclair which is not in the picture costed us Rs 450

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Sushmitha Gomes
9 years ago

Hey Clyde thanks a ton for helping us to learn to cook authentic n tasty goan food….thanks much budddy

10 years ago

Welcome and thank you 🙂

10 years ago

Glad to be of help Jackie 🙂

Valentino Pereira
10 years ago

Clyde proud of you Brother RESPECT….will surely visit the next time I am in GOA

10 years ago

I love your site! Has the classic Goan dishes and with mouth watering pics to go with it… For someone like me who stays away from home and am terrible at cooking… sure helps. Jackie

6 years ago

Clyde thank you for your recipes with pictures .. love the salt pork .. made it so many times. I use a piece of gammon instead of salting a piece of pork.