Andron's the True Goan Experience

Andron’s the True Goan Experience

Its been a couple of months since we have moved to Goa and it has been a gastronomical adventure. So we have decided to start a new section on this site where we showcase some of our favorite restaurants 🙂

Prawn Rechado Fry

Close to home is a hermitage for people in search of a good Goan experience, what is a good Goan experience? For us its good food, good drinks and in between these lies something equally important, a good host.

If your looking forward to escape from the chaos of commercialization head towards Aldona and a few minutes after passing the fields after Moira you will be greeted by a white board. (Oh I must warn you if you’re vegetarian, you may just be better off moving to another page or something else, this is not quite the place for you.)

Surmai / Kingfish Rechado Fry

Just to your left is Androns, running out of a home with your host Tony (Anthony), complete with enough of space to keep your children entertained outside, here’s a quick look at what the restaurant offers and its time to begin our adventure.

Tony your host with our son 🙂

Tony has some of Goa’s finest Urak and Feni and will be more than willing to assist you with the know how related to how it’s made, preserved and drunk.

Now that your spirits are up let’s move on to the food. So you’re in goa and you have seafood on your mind. Most people would settle for the rechado prawns and kingfish fry which our the obvious good choices but I would highly recommend the ox tongue.

The Roast Ox Tongue, the sauce is just yum and the meat exhibits perfection

Oh yes that sweet roasted ox tongue yummy… sorry I’m getting a little carried away and planning my next visit there.

The main course offers a treat, of the most prominent goan dishes like the pork admas, beef chilly, sorpatel are all on the menu. If you want to really treat yourself go ahead and try the pork ribs.

Mushroom Xacuti, Prawn Curry, Rice and don’t miss the Vial of Urak 🙂

Every place has its own version of the prawn/fish curry and rice, although the consistency may falter at times with quantity, Androns quality has a very solid base in Goan roots.

The Prawn Curry Rice

I would love to see a few more choices for the vegetarians and perhaps a good old bibinca slice or caramel custard to complete the dining experience. Will put up some more pictures of the food as and when we visit again 🙂

Andron’s Offers a wide range of Goan Cuisine at a price that doesn’t hurt 🙂



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geoffery richardson
10 years ago

Hi Tony, I am coming to goa next moth…hope to meet

10 years ago

Brilliant idea Clyde. Can we have few more names? Infact many more names please. The not so commercial places are the best ones in Goa

6 years ago

It is not bad in terms of quality of food but the owner tends to be cold and lacking manners!!