Goa Sausages!

Goa Sausages!

We have been getting comments about the lack of new recipes, we were on vacation drinking feni and eating shenanaós in Goa.

Until the next recipe feast your eyes on these lovely Goan Sausages :)These picture was taken at Santa Cruz Market near Bamboli.

goa sausages

woman selling goa sausages

On the trip we managed to get fresh shenanaós from the market and cook them at home, those were the best we got. The food at Florentines was definitely enjoyed although the prices have gone up since the last visit, but its still value for money.

The worst dining experience was at Britto’s on baga beach, hardly worth the price and some of the fish we ordered had zero taste as it was not fresh at all. Another lovely dish was the Goa Sausage Lasagna and Pork Ribs in Honey at Ernesto’s at Panjim.

Ernesto’s prices too are slightly on the higher side, but everythings getting expensive in Goa 🙂 Also the best Beer, Kings is now priced at Rs 20 per bottle and is not very easy to get thanks to Kingfisher. But nothing beats a cold Kings, its the only beer you can drink warm as well, taste’s great.

Roadside Goan Food:
aldona couple cooking roadside food
You can find treasures at the road side eateries, like the bhaji pau and kapa (potato fried in batter) a friend and brother of ours got for us from a local dhaba called Hotel Vaasu in Moira.

We also had a snack at the road side stall at Aldona, capsicum stuffed with cooked cabbage and stuffed big chillies/jalapenos. But another interesting concoction they had was the poi stuffed with an omelette and chicken xacuti gravy (although this lacked salt) was an awesome experience.
chicken xacuti omelette

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Praveena Fernandes

Hey Clyde, I married a goan who has been missing goa a lot 🙂 So ur mum's recipes help me out a lot in the day to day and I am a great fan of Ros-omelet as well so much so that i have it every single day when I am in goa 🙂 By the way Ros-omelete is the dish with poe, omelete and ros(xacutti)


Hi, I love your recipes. They are so very yummy! Do you have the recipe to make Goan Sausages (not cook them, but make them from scratch)?


hey!! please post new recipes!! missing activity on ur site! 🙂 love the pictures takes me back to goa everytime


Chanced upon your site on a google search, and I'm so glad I did! That picture of Goa sausages….gosh! what can I say apart from God, I miss those! Wish there was some way to import these to Canada. Big sigh.


Goa sausages! There is a blast from the past. I would love some fried with feni – I mean who can resist some cashew hooch? 🙂

Ciao,Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


Whats shenanaós? never heard of that.


Love your commentary. Any chance yougot the recipe for the goa sausages?


So happy to see you posting again. Looking forward to more recipes 🙂