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Chicken Xacuti ~ "Shakuti"

Most people know that Chicken Xacuti is actually pronounced as shakuti. Its a unique dish that consists of Poppy seeds and Kashmiri Chillies. The pronunciation "Shakuti" is most probably derived from the word "Chacuti" which is Portuguese, although the Portuguese Chacuti is brownish in colour as compared to the red Goan Xacuti.

Lets take a look how the Goan Chicken Xacuti is made!

Main Xacuti Ingredients:

Chicken Pieces

1 Kg Chicken
Small round Potatoes
Small Onions
Dash of Nutmeg Powder
Small Bits of Coconut

Xacuti Masala Ingredients:

Chicken shakuti masala ingredients

6 Red Chillies (Kashmiri Chillies)
1/2 Scraped Coconut
2 Teaspoon of Cloves
1 Teaspoon Haldi Powder
8 Pepper Corns
1 Teaspoon Jeera
1/4 Teaspoon Methi Seeds
1 Teaspoon Badee Saunf (Moti Saunf)
4 - 5 Flakes Garlic
1/2 Inch Ginger
2 Inch Piece of Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Khus Khus
1 Table Spoon Corriander Seeds
1/2 Teaspoon Til
1/2 Onion

Knock off the stocks and fry 6 red chillies in two tablespoons of oil.

Frying Kashmiri chillies

Add the 1/2 scraped coconut along with the other masala ingredient mentioned above and stir it so everything gets mixed well as shown in the picture below.

Cooking xacuti masala ingredients

Then blend the ingredients with some water until you get the Chicken Shakuti Masala, a nice bright red color!

Chciken xacuti masala

Add masala to the chicken pieces and cook it on a slow fire for nearly one hour.

Semi cooked chicken shakuti

Just before it gets done, you should be able to make out by the colour, add the nutmeg powder, bits of coconut, small onions and small round potatos. The colour should be the same as the picture of the nearly ready chicken xacuti below.

Ready to add onions and potatoes

Once you add the Onions, Potatoes and Coconut Pieces let them cook for a while, make sure you time it properly so that the chicken does not over cook! You now have the authentic goan chicken xacuti recipe, have a lovely meal!

Delicious chicken Xacuti
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  1. Hi... Dont we need to fry sliced onions with the scrapped coconut and then grind with masala?
    Also do we need to baggar the chicken with finely cut onions?

    1. you need to fry the onions and coconut before grinding it. its very important.. or the dish wont get its authentic flavor..

    2. you actually fry the onions and then roast the grated coconut and the dry spices on dry heat to get the aromas

  2. does not sound right need to fyr coconut and onions brown.

    mario desouza


  4. Yup it would make a lot more sense to brown the onions as well as the chicken. That will make the dish much more flavorfull. Also remove the skin and fat pieces off the chicken to make it lower calorie.

  5. Thanks clyde for the wonderful recipes, you are amazing, the step-by-step pictures surely add a lot of confidence for me.....

  6. Hi CLyde, i tried ur xacuti and we guys loved it much.thanks for sharing this delectable dish..

  7. Hi, Dis is Cindy from Tanzania,
    I have tried most of your dishes on dis site n loved it.
    Keep postin more.

  8. I agree with the others. It needs to have onions to be fried at the very beginning in order to add taste to it. Also the xacuti colour is often much more darker towards brown, the colour it takes from fried coconut scrappings. That's how mom has been making it for years and so do I!

  9. I have not yet tried any of the recipe, but I like the way it has been explained in a very simple manner. The pictures in each stage can be very helpful to observe how close we are to the recipe given. will try soon and also comment on the cooking result. I'm sure it will be good.
    - Lilly D'souza

  10. some how my xacuti turned out more brownish than the red color that is shown in the pictures..where did i go wrong?


    1. it may be due to the chillies you used, kashmiri chillies give u d red color and infact the actual authentic xacuti is brown in colour as the coconut and onion has to fried in a little oil before grinding it.

  11. @Merel

    brown is the right color for the xacuti as the above comments state basically your xacuti is perfect if it tastes right :)

  12. This website is awesome! I am 19 yrs old and I know how to cook Indian food, but not Goan food. It sucks because I am Goan so I need to know, but this website has helped me. The food is quite delicious as well. The pictures make the directions more clearer!
    Michelle Rebello

  13. Your recipes are really great.Very good and very goan

    Siddesh Joshi,Goa

  14. hi, well we make xacuti in a very different way, we roast the coconut first along with the above said masala(jeera and til is not used) and we used mapusa chillies instead of the kashmiri chillies, sencondly as coconut starts leaving oil when roasted we also fry onions in the same .. on a low flame till it turns brown and ground n kept aside. meanwhile we apply green masala to the chiken(green chillies corriender, garlic a, ginger and salt) and keep it aside for 1 hour, it is than half cooked in very little oil and than the ground masala is added , once the chicken is fully cooked it is garnished with corriender leaves.

  15. I tried out this recipe, it did taste good with a good aroma however, the quantity of cloves mentioned is just too much as one could tell that cloves was added to this. The next time I prepare this, I will add just 1 tsp instead of 2.

  16. Chicken Xacuti should be brown in color. The coconut and onion should be roasted well and ground. That adds up the taste and gives the dish the brown color.

  17. Hey guys please get your facts right. Xacutti is not Portuguese its authentic Goan. One doesnt put potatoes in Xacutti. Potatoes didnt exist in India until the Portuguese brought them here. Xacutti was made by the "Thovoi" (masons) community of Goa way before the Portuguese came to our shores. So please dont give the Portuguese undue credit for this dish unlike other dishes they brought to our shores from their other colonies.

    1. thanks for the info Francis, love to know more about the history of Goan food if you know more. If you share your email i would love to ask you a few questions...

    2. Francis is absolutely right, Potato doesn't come in Xacuti.


  19. badee saunf = fennel seeds
    it looks like but is a lil bigger than jeere/cumin seeds.

  20. The chillies were introduced to india by the portuguese. Do you have the original recipe by goan masons for xacuti mr. Francis.

  21. Xacuti is nothing but Saaguti which we konkani people make day in and out.
    Chief ingredients are grated coconut and onions. And main spices includes black pepper, clove, cinnamon sticks, jaypatree, nutmeg, saunff, khas khas, garlic cloves, etc. We fry them on flat pan and make thick paste of it.

  22. Hi Clyne,
    This is Chef Maxwell from Australia and i am anglo indian Hats off to you for this wonderful website the knowldge you share we salute you for this , most of my friends are goan and i am learning to make these wonderful dishes and you play a curucial roll we all indians around the world should appriciate the work done by you.....keep up the good work man thanks

  23. Excellent post with useful recipe..And the combination of elements are very different and unique..

  24. Hi Clyde,
    Good work - Great Recipes! The comments from most of the guys is correct - the coconut must be browned (wood brown). One thing though - can anyone tell me which is the ingredient used in Xacuti makes it different from other Chicken Curries using coconut - I would prefer the real Mason's Xacuti Shacuti

  25. Lovely receipe clyde thanks tried it


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