A Simple Chocolate Fudge

A Simple Chocolate Fudge

Well this is not exactly a Goan Recipe, but since we have not shared a new recipe for a long time, we decided to put this one up here. Its also known as a Refrigerated Chocolate Cake, its an easy to do recipe that tastes yummy as a dessert especially when its complimented with some Vanilla ice cream

So lets take a look at how its done, your ingredients are,
Chocolate Fudge Ingredients
Marie Biscuit: 100gms
Walnuts: 50gms – 100gms
Butter 100Gms
Castor Sugar: 50gms
1 Egg
Cocoa: 1 Tbsp
Vanilla Essence 1 Teaspoon
Rum 1 Teaspoon
Rum Essence

Vanilla old monk rum essence

Now that we have the ingredients ready, lets start the procedure, you need to crush all the Marie biscuits with a Baton shown in the picture, we dont want it done in a blender because the crunchiness will disappear.

Once your done with that, sieve the coco. Then add it to the the crushed biscuits, you can also add the pieces of walnuts, prior to adding them make sure they are broken in to smaller pieces so its spreads evenly and is not difficult to eat as well as slice with a knife. Once this mixture is ready keep it aside for a while.
Walnut Cocoa Marie Buscuit Mixture

Create a water bath, also known as Bain-marie.
Water Bath or Baine Marie

While it heats up you can get your castor sugar ready if you do not have any.
Weighing sugar for fudge

Take some normal sugar and blend it till its a fine powder.
Castor sugar

Add the butter to the water bath and wait for it to melt.
Butter on waterbath

As the butter is melting you can proceed to beat that egg up
Beating egg

Hopefully by this time the butter has melted quite a bit. Now add the castor sugar to it and then the egg into it.
Adding egg to butter sugar

Now keep stirring until the butter has melted completely and everything is mixed
Stir until mixed

When that’s done take the water bath off the fire and add the walnut, cocoa and Marie biscuit mixture to it, you can start mixing it now
Ass mixture to butter mix

Add the vanilla essence
Add essence to mix
The rum also can be added, if you are adding rum no need of the essence, and if you don’t want the rum flavor there’s no need for the rum essence.

The rum though can be added as per desire, its good for taste and you can also have a flambe by pouring a little more on it later and lighting it up while serving.
Stir the mixture

Once its all mixed well you can remove it and place it in a mould.
Remove the mixture in a mould

Keep it in the refrigerator until its cold. Turn it around into a serving dish, here’s your easy to make delicious choco fudge.
Refrigerated chocolate cake

The refrigerated chocolate cake shown in the picture is of little more than double the quantity. You can also add a little more sugar if you have a sweet tooth.

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7 years ago

Hey Clyde thank you for this website

8 years ago

love ths site

9 years ago

i've tried your sorportel, chicken roast, cafreal, fish curry. i'm so glad i found this website. thank you aunty and thank you very much clyde. thanks for taking the time to show everything so precisely. the recipes are perfect and they taste absolutely wonderful. the pictures make it so simple to learn and understand. i cant thank you enough.

waiting for some more !!! getting greedy now… ;-D


9 years ago

Thank you for your wonderful website!! It is very useful to have the step-by-step colour photos on them, so we can see what it is meant to look like.
Have a lovely Christmas and God bless
Tara 🙂

10 years ago

your recipes are very simple and well explained. The photos for each step is really useful.

Keep it up!!!



10 years ago

I am a mangalorean who is going to marry a Goan guy. I have saved your website link because it is well-written, the layout is beautiful and the recipes are explained very well.

5 years ago

your blogs are really nice and recipes are very helpful for day today cooking………A big thank you to you………..

3 years ago

Hey, loved your recipe , however what is the shell life for it…a week i hope!