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Sorak is the simple curry known to be made during the monsoon season in Goa, the reasons were discussed in our earlier post on Samarachi Kodi.

Sorak Masala Ingredients:

sorak masala ingredients

6 Kasmiri Chillies knock of the seeds if necessary
1/2 a Ground Coconut
3 Garlic Flakes
½ Teaspoon Cumin seeds
2 Teaspoons Coriander seeds
4 - 5 Pepper corns
½ Teaspoon Haldi powder
A ball of tamarind

Other Ingredients:

other sorak ingredients

1 Slit Green Chilly
2-3 Kokam
1 Onion
1 Small tomato
1 Small Piece of Ginger

Chop the tomato, onions and ginger and put a pan with some oil on the fire.

Blend the masala ingredients, though the Kokam is in the picture, please note its not supposed to be ground.

Add a little water to help with the grinding

You can begin sauteing the onions.

When you see them gettin brown, add the tomatoes and stir a little.

Once your tomatoes and onions are sauted, you can add the masala .

Remember to stir fry the masala a little bit and then you can choose to add ether coconut milk or water.

Add a pinch of salt, slit one chilly, deseed if you don't want the spice and add it to the curry.

Add the kokam to the sorak

Stir and bring to a boil, and your Sorak is ready.

As usual, best enjoyed piping hot with rice, dry fish would the accompaniment from the good old days.

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  1. Is there coconut meat in the masala? I think I see it in the picture but not in the ingredients list. Thanks! Angela

    1. Yes Angela, I added it to the Ingredients :)

  2. Tried dis last sunday..... my mom jus luved it... Thanx 4 sum respite in 'Adhik Bhadrapad'.... :-)) Thanx a ton Clyd.... god bless.... Thanx to d chef....

    Navi Mumbai

  3. Lovely.. Please add Coconut in the list of ingredients.

  4. HI there,

    i would like to know if this recipe is an olden style of preapring the curry or new... i would like to know the olden style exctly i remember my granny used to boil the curry after fryin tomatoes and chilli and add the chopped onions later, more over i saw tat she used to salt the chopped oinions and keep aside b4 doing that... wateva she did it tasted awesome she past away while i was abroad no one really knows the recipe .. we tried alot but it dsn't really taste's the same.. :(

  5. I tried this a few days ago (first dish that I have ever cooked) and it was simply exquisite! Never been so please with myself. Thanks to you!!!

  6. I jus love the dishes u guys make. It's soo awesome. I try a new dish evrythin... i used to hate cooking.. i jus love it now.. Love to ur mom for the amazing food that she makes. Thanks a ton ��

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Marilyn helps bring a warm smile to our faces :)

  7. Great dish but I also think you have missed on the ginger which is not on the ingredients list..:)

    I love sorak and your receipe is amazing.


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