Thursday, December 17, 2009

Channa Doss

Channa Doss or Doce is a Goan sweet that requires very few ingredients but lot of patience and tremendous amount of stirring. Its fairly easy to make and the end result is one of the simplist sweets that still ends up getting consumed too soon.

Prior to starting let we warn you that its a tough one, family support is a boon when it comes to stirring. Enjoy this Christmas this with some Chonache Doss.
Doss Ingredients

Chana Doss Ingredients:

1 Cup Bengal Gram Dal
1 and a half cup scraped coconut
1 Cup Sugar
6 Pods of Cardamoms (Elaichi)
Pinch of Salt
Measure of the first three ingredients should be the same


Soak and Cook the Gram dal, then Grind the Gram and Coconut.
Channa doss ingredients Once thats done, add 2 tablespoon of ghee to the vessel and heat it up. Add ghee to the vessel Add the ground channa dal and coconut first and start mixing them.
mix ground channa and scraped coconut Once its mixed properly add sugar.
Add sugar to the mixture Blend the ingredients.
Blend the ingredients Now the stirring starts to mix all the three ingredients properly into a thick lump.
Stir the mixture After stirring for a few minutes it turns slightly brown. Keep stirring.
Everything mixes up well When the mix begins to thicken add a pinch of salt to it. Add a pinch of salt to the mix Continue to blend, and you will notice the difference in the mix. Keep blending If it gets difficult to stir, it means you are doing a good job and your Doss will turn out to be perfect.
Mixture gets hard to stir That also means you have to eep stirring. Add crushed elaichi to the mixture and stir again. add crushed elaici to the mixture The mixture collects together, so 2 tablespoons of ghee makes it a bit easier to stir. add ghee to the mixture Keep the Doss mixture on the flame for a while, and don't forget to stir it regularly. keep stirrin After 25-30 minutes, stirring would become extremely difficult as the mixture solidifies. Stir some more and then its time to remove the doss off the fire. Remove the doss from the fire Flatten the mixture with a spatula on a greased plate. Put it in a container You can use your hands as well to spread the mixture across the plate evenly. Flatten the doss Smoothen the edges. Smoothen the doss edges Use a fork to make some design on the edges. Design the doss This is how Doss would look. A simple design for the edges Wait for it to cool down.
Designed doss Cut diamond shape pieces and Channa Doss is ready. Cutt the doss into diamond shapes Sometimes the Doss takes longer to harden and get the right whitish colour, so you can leave it overnight to dry and then serve. The above doss could have been on the fire for ten more minutes before taking off.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goan Christmas Sweets Special

Yes its that time of the year again, where we clean up our houses, put out our decorations and most importantly make all those lovely Christmas sweets. Here you shall have all the Goan Christmas Sweet Recipes laid out for you to choose!

Perad, Guava Jam or CheesePerad, Guava Jam or Cheese

Perad is a another well known Goan delicacy that serves two purposes, it can be eaten for breakfast on toast when it is not fully cooked or as a dessert when fully cooked. This recipe is the thick dark red Goan Perad.

Walnut DropsWalnut Drops

This recipe was thought to my mother forty years ago, when she was in her 10th grade by her teacher. She never really made these sweets until much later on in her life, now its an every year Christmas Special that sells like hotcakes.

Milk Cream for a White ChristmasMilk Cream for a White Christmas

This is another yummy, easy to do, requires a lot of stirring not too many ingredients. I have been away from home for a while, I had some of these pictures with me so I decided to put this recipe up.

Bibinca Goa's Favorite DessertBibinca Goa's Favorite Dessert

Bibinca, the multi layered Goan cake, that can be eaten at any time of the day. Put it in your chapatis and have it for breakfast, with ice cream or alone as a dessert, whichever way you like it.

A Simple Chocolate FudgeChocolate Fudge

Also known as a Refrigerated Chocolate Cake, an easy to do recipe that tastes yummy as a dessert especially when its complimented with some Vanilla ice cream.

Bolinhas the Teatime TreatBolinhas the Teatime Treat

Bolinhas, a teatime coconut delight that is easy and quick to make. The end result is a soft, tasty Bolinha that crumbles in your mouth.


Another Christmas time specialty with love from goa, Kokad, the crunchy coconut sweet with semolina cooked on a slow fire to delight your taste buds!


Neureous are the Goan version of Karanji, its made during Christmas time, its part of consuada (sweets sent to neighbors and relatives).

Bolinhas the Teatime Treat

Bolinhas, another teatime delight that can double up as something special on your table's Christmas Offerings. Easy to do, the procedure is not time consuming but would be better if you can leave part mixture overnight.

The end result is a soft, tasty Bolinha that crumbles in your mouth and as always leaving you with the desire to have one more :)
Bolinha Ingredients
Bolinhas Ingredients:

1 Medium Sized Coconut
1/4 Kg Rawa
1/4 Kg Sugar
1 Tbsp Ghee
3 Tbsp spoons Maida
1 Leveled Tsp Baking Powder
3 Eggs
Few Elaichi
1 Pinch Salt


Make a sugar syrup by heating the sugar in 1/2 a cup of water.Make a sugar syrupWhile the sugar is melting on a slow flame, grind the coconut in 1/4th cup of water.Make a ground coconut pasteOnce the coconut is ground, stir the sugar that should have nearly dissolved by now.Sugar SyrupAdd the Rawa to the sugar syrup and mis this up as well.Add Rawa to the sugar syrupAdd the ground coconut to this mixture, mix it up and add the pinch of salt.Add coconut to the mixtureNow add the Ghee and keep stirring it,Add ghee to the mixUntil it all becomes one nice blend.Stir the mixture to a single blendYou can store the above mixture either overnight, for six hours or do it instantly. Its best you store it for a few hours and then proceed recommends the chef!

Once you stir it up, you can take the mixture off the fire.Take the mixture off the fireOut of the three eggs only add the the yokes, though it can be done with the entire egg as well. Remember to keep the egg white of one egg aside, the other two you can can store.Add all the egg yokesThen mix the yokes with the Bolinha mixture.Blend the yokes with the mixOnce thats done, clean and powder the Elaichi and add it to the mixture.Add the powdered elaichiMix the Maida and Baking powder,Maida and baking powderAdd it to the Bolinha mix,
Add the Maida and add the Baking Powder to the mixtureAnd stir it up again.Stir it up once againNow beat the one egg white till its fluffy..Beat one egg white till fluffyAdd it to the Bolinha mixture, thats the final ingredient to the Bolinha dough.Mix it with the bolina mixtureSo now that the doughs ready you can now get ready to bake.Mix it for the last time and keep asideSo now you need to shape your Bolinhas, take a ball out of the dough.Take a ball of Bolinha doughWith the help of some flour shape it as you would do to a cutlet.Shape it how you would shape a cutletFlatten the top of it an next get a butter knife to press a few lines into the dought to make a design.Flatten the top of the BolinhaYou can make diamonds like these below quite easily and they do look better after baking.Use a butter knife to make a designAs you finish them place them on your baking tray, that you have greased with a little Ghee.Ready to bake bolinhasSo place all the Bolinhas on the tray at a little distance from each other.Place the bolinhas on a greased trayPut them in the oven with the base heat on.Put them in the oven to bakeLeave it on for around twenty minutes, and then check and see if the base is firm by moving a Bolinha on the tray.Check and see if base is cookedIf its cooked, switch over to top heat and bake till the top gets brown.Once base is done turn on the top heatOnce your satisfied with the colour, its time to get them out of the oven and give yourself a special Christmas teatime treat!Ready to eat BolinhasSome people also call these the goan cookies or goan biscuits, Bolinhas are pronounced as bolinyas. has been spreading the joy of Goan Food to the world since 2008, if you use our recipes for commercial purpose please consider sending us a donation. If your family loves our recipes, just a thank you will make our day. Love is the magic ingredient in all our dishes!
To all those who have come here with the intention of copying our hard work, more love to you.

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