Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goan Christmas Sweets Special

Yes its that time of the year again, where we clean up our houses, put out our decorations and most importantly make all those lovely Christmas sweets. Here you shall have all the Goan Christmas Sweet Recipes laid out for you to choose!

Perad, Guava Jam or CheesePerad, Guava Jam or Cheese

Perad is a another well known Goan delicacy that serves two purposes, it can be eaten for breakfast on toast when it is not fully cooked or as a dessert when fully cooked. This recipe is the thick dark red Goan Perad.

Walnut DropsWalnut Drops

This recipe was thought to my mother forty years ago, when she was in her 10th grade by her teacher. She never really made these sweets until much later on in her life, now its an every year Christmas Special that sells like hotcakes.

Milk Cream for a White ChristmasMilk Cream for a White Christmas

This is another yummy, easy to do, requires a lot of stirring not too many ingredients. I have been away from home for a while, I had some of these pictures with me so I decided to put this recipe up.

Bibinca Goa's Favorite DessertBibinca Goa's Favorite Dessert

Bibinca, the multi layered Goan cake, that can be eaten at any time of the day. Put it in your chapatis and have it for breakfast, with ice cream or alone as a dessert, whichever way you like it.

A Simple Chocolate FudgeChocolate Fudge

Also known as a Refrigerated Chocolate Cake, an easy to do recipe that tastes yummy as a dessert especially when its complimented with some Vanilla ice cream.

Bolinhas the Teatime TreatBolinhas the Teatime Treat

Bolinhas, a teatime coconut delight that is easy and quick to make. The end result is a soft, tasty Bolinha that crumbles in your mouth.


Another Christmas time specialty with love from goa, Kokad, the crunchy coconut sweet with semolina cooked on a slow fire to delight your taste buds!


Neureous are the Goan version of Karanji, its made during Christmas time, its part of consuada (sweets sent to neighbors and relatives).
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  1. Dear Clyde, thanks for sharing so many good recipes with us the recipes are really excellent and very nicely displayed, please continue sharing more recipes with us specially for a person who is not so good at cooking

  2. Wow! Excellent site! Gonna try out ALL your recipes! Thank you for sharing your recipes!

  3. Edna Lobo

    said Excellent site, thank you for being so generous and sharing your tasty recipes. This time i am going to try all the recipes for chirstmas.

  4. I just think our names make you people laugh coz we are entertaining people... But i bet we goans are more warm, simple and down to earth people.. who care's wat the name is .. the heart matters more ..
    Goan food is always mouth watering .. thanx for sharing ...

  5. $anchia morris said....
    lovely recipies...keep up the good WORK
    and wishing everyone a MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR....

  6. The Christmas sweet recipes are so delicious to read .... cant wait to eat them....

  7. thank you very much for the detailed recipe. my family loved it.it was perfect. god bless you.

  8. hi lucy here good site nice to learn from your recipes keep it up

  9. Hi Clyde, please help with recipe for Neurios with fresh coconut. Thanks

  10. This site is amazing. Thanks alot for the trouble to take snaps. Trying recipes from here gets alot better. :)

  11. Hey clyde,
    Can u pls help with d recipe for mazipan
    Thanks ishali

  12. thanks for sharing your recipes. im surely gona try the christmas sweets this time...

  13. Thanks for sharing ! These sweets and cake remind me Christmas at my parents house and we were living very far from Goa. God bless you


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