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Goan Fish Curry

What is a Goan Food blog without the fish curry recipe? Xitt Codi is the staple diet of a goan anywhere across the world. We eat fish curry along with rice nearly every week, its also perhaps the cheapest dish to eat, at a restaurant in Goa.

Heres the Xitt Codi recipe, we will also explore various options while preparing the Goan Fish Curry!

Goan Fish Curry Masala Ingredients:
Goan fish curry masala ingredients

6 Kashmiri Chillies
1/2 Scraped Coconut
A Small Piece of Ginger
3 Flakes Garlic
5 - 6 Pepper Corns
1 Tea spoon Corriander seeds
A Pinch of Methi Seeds
Small ball of Tamarind if a raw Mango is used
1/2 Tea spoon Haldi Powder
1/2 Tea spoon Jeera
1 Green Chilly

Goan Fish Curry Main Ingredients:

1 Decent Sized Pomfret (You can also add Kingfish or Halwa)
1 Raw Mango

Slice, clean and salt the fish and keep the fish aside.
Sliced pomfret for the fish curry


Grind the masala ingredients mentioned above, in a mixer with a little water.
Masala for the goan fish curry
Add it in your cooking dish and add some more water, now there are two optional things depending on how rich and heavy you want your Xitt codi. The first one is you can bagaar some chopped onions before you add the masala to it.
Add water as per thickness required
Instead of adding water you can add coconut milk to make it rich, but we made this fish curry by adding water, to make it thick enough as per choice. You can then add some salt and slit the green chilly, remove seeds as per spice requirement.
Add salt and green chilly to the curry
Once the entire mixture reaches a boil you can add the fish to the curry
Add Fish Pieces
Along with the fish add the cut pieces of raw mango, to give it that nice tangy flavor that it has. I personally like to eat the cooked pieces of mango, the sour taste of it, my mouths watering as I write this :)
Add Mango Pieces to Fish Curry
Cook till the fish becomes edible, this is a relatively easy dish to cook and is not as time consuming as some of them. Bon App├ętit, until the next Goan Recipe!
ready to eat Goan Fish Curry
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  1. This is absolutely brilliant. This receipe is the best illustration I have seen. Thanks a million

  2. I have been following this blog a long time, and being a Goan myself living in hyderabad, I've tried recipes you've publish for the last 2-3 months. First and foremost, 99% of the time, the recipes you have given have worked wonders in my kitchen. The other 1% being silly mistakes on my part. I'm a guy who hardly cooks so I assume that's ok. :)

    Secondly, I love the site's new look.. and please continue to add all your authentic recipes. I've enjoyed everything I have tried my hands on. Has helped me miss home a little lesser now :-)

    Viva Goa! Love to all your readers!


  3. Excellent presentation. I like the simple narrative and illustrated directions of cooking.

    Do you also have the version of fish curry when masala is ground to a paste using toddy / goan vinegar? I am looking for the traditional recipe.

  4. Dear Clyde,I see corriender seeds in the pic...could you pls advise how many teaspoons of corriender seeds you used.


  5. @ Leon

    glad to know that you are having a blast in the kitchen :) Thank you for taking the time to post your response here... VIVA GOA!!!

    @ Soul Images

    if you want to use goan vinegar you can use it in this recipe and then don't add the tamarind ball..

    @ Anonymous...

    Thanks for spotting that .... you need to use 1 Teasoon of Corriander seeds for this recipe, im gonna add that to the ingredients now

  6. An absolutely superb recipe, tastes just the same as at the beach shacks at Bogmalo. May I add a suggestion, try adding a tablespoon of raw rice, while grinding. I was the chef adding that at the beach shack. 'told me that the cocunut milk won't split, if you do so!

  7. Congrats!!! This is a wonderful site and the pictures are awesome . It is much better to prepare this wonderful & delicious food at home then to order food from restaurents. Keep the good work.

  8. I love your site. My dearest Grandma used to make all these beautiful dishes for me when I was a little girl. I used to dream of the gorshe and the prawn curries with the mangoes, am so grateful for you. Thank you so much. Now I can make these dishes for my children and relive those wonderful days again. My hubby will be happier too, were both goans. Thank you and thank you a million times. Your illustrations are the most. God bless you.

  9. WoW ! I intend trying tis ova the weeknd !!!

  10. hi!!
    being a goan i love fish.not very good in cooking it though
    Verrrrry nice look for the site!!!
    very simple & efficient recipe... thanks a mil

  11. Everything is the same as the Mangalorean Fish curry except the recipe given has jeera and methi. Itsbetter if the tamrind is ground with the spices

  12. What is that small ingredient right in the center of the plate?? looks brownish..

  13. @ Shrey

    That ingreedient is Tamarind ...

  14. Execellent Presentation , never seen a better one
    mouth waters looking at the pics taken
    thanks so much

  15. simple and beautiful presentation! i am a big fan of goan cuisine and have tried making few of your recipes...they taste delicious. thanks for sharing with us!!

  16. Out of the world!

    I just made it!

    Now no need to go to Goa for fish curry! It's now available everyday in my kitchen.

    Thanks a ton to the writer. The pictures helped in making and helps as bench mark at every step


  17. Wonderful dish , really liked it . Thanks alot.
    Awaiting some reciepes on Squids too.

  18. Thank you mum, i prepared the fish curry for dinner , the family loved it , it was awesome, I couldn't add methi and raw mango but will get these items the next time, I used 1/2 an onion in the ground masala and a little tamarind pulp and fried 1/2 and onion a little just before adding the masala just like mum said, thank you mum for sharing all your beautiful secrets with us, may you be blessed with a long and healthy life. Long Live Mum, Viva Goa!

  19. hey.. m having a few guests over this weekend and ur dish is gonna be one of my main course..i havent tried making it before though..just a small question...while adding the ground masala to the cooking dish, should add a lil oil to it before or directly cook it before oil.. ??

  20. @ prajakta

    theres no mention of that in the recipe, when you add it you need to add coconut milk or water depending on how rich you want the dish!!!

  21. We visited Goa 2 years back and tried making goan fish curry once and it didn't come out good. Tried your recipe and it was awesome. Thanks.

  22. lovely recipe and too good pics :)

  23. excellent and thank you for your love of food and sharing viva GOA

  24. when r u going to post veg recipes as i love the recipes on this site and tried a few.

  25. heyy just chanced upom ur site thru a friend ..... amazing stuff..loved ur simple pictures giving the recipe most people here wud love it if u post the authentic goan rechade masala ..have bought the karmas and costa ones but they have tooooo much vinegar in them making the dish very sour hoping to get that soon ..keep up the good work

  26. half scraped coconut would be 1 tea cup of coconut?

  27. thanks for the tasty recepie of fish curry tried out and the results were awesome... specially my husband use to never eat fish curry and he jst loved it and there's always a more demand for fish curry... thanks


  29. @ zita

    yes more or less it doesn't have to be precise, more would make it richer...

  30. Thank you for this blog!! I'm from Goa, now in Pune and this should help me to make things on my own since the lovely Goan eateries are 12 hours away by road :) Viva Goa!

  31. I have just made the masala but it does not have a nice orange colour like yours in the photo. I used all the ingredients as per the recipe. What do you think the reason might be? Maybe too much coconut?

  32. @ Kashmira :)

    If you use Nh4 you should be able to cut down your journey by a couple of hours :) lol

    @ Ewa,

    Yes the first would be the quantity of coconut, you need a medium sized coconut and second the quality of Kashmiri chillies has been declining so... if you find the chillies not red enough add 2 more chillies and knock off the seeds if you don't want the spice

  33. I just made this recipe this evening and my husband and I loved it!!! I've been dreaming about Goan fish curry since I moved out from home 6 years ago, where my Mother ( a Goan) cooked everything without a recipe. I now live 2100 kilometers away from her and have to fend for myself in the kitchen ;) I've tried a couple of times with different recipes without success, until today! THANK YOU! I will be trying many more of your recipes in the very near future!
    Allison Rodrigues from Halifax, Canada.

  34. I m a South Indian, and I don't know how to cook at all. I trying all possible ways to learn Goan dishes for my Wife. Your recipes and pictures have made it very simple for me to understand and prepare it with confidence. Keep up the good work and please put even more pictures for people like me. Thanks a ton for making my cooking Goan style.

  35. I am from Kerala and after getting tired of fish Moilee and scared of the complexity of the chettinad fish curry, you amazing and simple recipe has made it through our stomachs and into the heart of many of my family and friends. Thanks :)

  36. Hi,
    i have ques? If we don't have raw mango what can be used. Hope to reply asap as i'm making this for tom's lunch.
    THanks a lot.

  37. Tried it yesterday for dinner and it came out delicious. Both me and the hubby loved it and it will be staple in our kitchen from now on.
    Keep the awesome recipies coming.


  38. I just moved to Dubai from Goa, my husband and i wanted some fish curry rice, so i asked my mother how to make it, and she said "odmasan kor" a little of this and that. We landed up making garam masala. Mom's cooking is the best, but until i master the art of it, sme measure is needed. thanks for the post

  39. I love fish curries and am able to make delicious curries with various recipes, but my Goan curry never turns out FIREY Red as yours. I use Kashmiri Red Chillies or Bedgi chillies. Could you pl tell me which variety of chillies do you use (If possible with a photo) and also where would I get them in Mumbai or Bombay. Thanks. Your curry images are mouth watering. Piro.(Pl email and reply).

    1. hi Piro,

      the trick to get the color without making it overly spicy is to remove the seeds of some of the chillies...


  40. very well prepared website.
    i am looking for tuna recipe'.
    can someone help plz???

  41. Can this be made with kokum as a replacement for tamarind+raw mango?

  42. Greetings from a Goan in Karachi, Pakistan. This recipe with illustrations is just excellent. Will try it out. It is so simply explained.
    Thank you so much. Proud to be a Goan. Viva.

  43. Being a goan... I love fish recipes.... I tried this an it turned out superb....
    Thanks for adding authentic recipes and not variations as some other sites have...

  44. thanks for this simplified and presentable recipe,,,,,,As per my knowledge, u need to addd 1 more ingredient to this 1,,,,,its "Telfala"(KOnkani word),,,,Viva Goa in Qatar !!!

  45. This website brought Goa to my Home. Love each of the recipes posted here.

    1. Thank you Anindita :) Much appreciated!

  46. I tried making the curry it was great thanks I have learned to make
    goan curry

  47. Too tempting ! Will try to make for sure. God Bless You.

  48. awesomeee siteee... Love all your recipes...Viva Goa.. Sharlotte Carvalho

  49. Yummy Yummy and Yummy... was a veggy now happily converted after trying my hand at your recipies

    1. haha not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but as long as your happy :)

  50. With ur due permission may I share this Goan Fish curry recipe on FB page of Goan Culinary Club

    1. Sure provided you credit us as the source :) Thank you Sushmitha

  51. What can I replace the red chillis with? I cannot eat chillis or pepper. This recipe sounds really delicious.


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