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Goan Sweets & Desserts

Perad, Guava Jam or CheesePerad, Guava Jam or Cheese

Perad is a another well known Goan delicacy that serves two purposes, it can be eaten for breakfast on toast when it is not fully cooked or as a dessert when fully cooked. This recipe is the thick dark red Goan Perad.

Walnut DropsWalnut Drops

This recipe was thought to my mother forty years ago, when she was in her 10th grade by her teacher. She never really made these sweets until much later on in her life, now its an every year Christmas Special that sells like hotcakes.

Milk Cream for a White ChristmasMilk Cream for a White Christmas

This is another yummy, easy to do, requires a lot of stirring not too many ingredients. I have been away from home for a while, I had some of these pictures with me so I decided to put this recipe up.

Bibinca Goa's Favorite DessertBibinca Goa's Favorite Dessert

Bibinca, the multi layered Goan cake, that can be eaten at any time of the day. Put it in your chapatis and have it for breakfast, with ice cream or alone as a dessert, whichever way you like it.

Godshe the Simple Goan DessertGodshe the Simple Goan Dessert

Godshe reminds me of my good old school days when I would come back home for tea wondering what mother would have read to gobble up, Godshe was one of those finest tea time surprises she had in store.

Desiccated Coconut Cake from Egg WhitesDesiccated Coconut Cake from Egg Whites

This recipe is a quick fix for all the extra egg whites when you make a Bibinca. Yes instead of getting rid of the egg whites, collect them and use them later on to make this cake. It is quite tasty but not as excellent as a normal coconut cake.

Coconut Jaggery PancakesCoconut Jaggery Pancakes

Mom decided to put up a Pancake recipe since Shrove Tuesday is around the corner, noted for pancake eating customs, also known as Pancake Day.

Bolinhas the Teatime TreatBolinhas the Teatime Treat

Bolinhas, a teatime coconut delight that is easy and quick to make. The end result is a soft, tasty Bolinha that crumbles in your mouth.

Coconut IceCoconut Ice

Ground cashews, cooconut, ghee and rava come together to make yet another delicious goan sweet, found on the platter mainly during Christmas time.


Steamed goa rice, in turmeric leaves, stuffed with spiced jaggery and coconut form the Patolleo. Patolleo is cooked on August 15, for the feast of the assumption of Mary.

Doce Bhaji, Doce Baji, Goan lapsiDoce Baji

The Goan version of lapsi and recommended for nursing mothers. An easy preparation of broken wheat and coconut milk, an excellent tea-time snack.

Channa DossChanna Doss

Channa Doss, needs no introduction, it's a traditional sweet that every goan is acquainted with! Its usually part of a Goa returnees gift for friends and family!


Another Christmas time specialty with love from goa, Kokad, the crunchy coconut sweet with semolina cooked on a slow fire to delight your taste buds!


Neureous are the Goan version of Karanji, its made during Christmas time, its part of consuada (sweets sent to neighbors and relatives).
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  1. Hi Clyde im wondering if you could cajole your mom in to putting up the recipe for Bath cake the one that has coconut and fine semolina in it....................Please!!!!!!

  2. i must say ur recipes r really helpful ...m a goan bt still hardly knew any names of these...please try puttyn sum more stuff..its interestyn....

  3. This is a wonderful site nd the pictures make it even better to understand the recipes.I hv tried few recipes from here nd they turned out quite well.wl be trying a few this christmas.It would be wonderful if batica(semolina cake) recipe could be added.....Please!

  4. hey clyde... nice website ... n i really enjoyed cookin coconut cake...thanks

  5. I tried the milk cream....turned out good.. but little browinsh in color...Any ideas to keep it white

  6. @ Alisha

    your welcome

    @ Marz

    if you want the milk cream white in colour you need to keep it on the slowest flame possible and stir it continously

  7. hi clyde,

    i tried out some recipes from here and they were really the authentic goan recipes. thanks for the same. could u pls give us a recipe for dodol. thanks

  8. Hi Clyde,

    Now that Christmas is just around the corner. Please post some more goan sweets. Also some more cakes like fruit cake and marble cake.

    Thank you,

  9. @ venus

    i would have loved to put the cake that my mum sent me it was delicious but not possible as I wasn't around when she made it

    @ sheena

    dodol is on my mind, wont be home for christmas so its not going to be possible

  10. hi again, well there is 1 more important dessert recipe which i was looking for when i was gng through the other awesome recipe u have posted.. n that is the goan cake(baathk) thats my all time favorite.. i just wait to grab a piece when i visit my friends house for Christmas. n also parcel some home:) can u please post the recipe for me...shradha(goa) i think i sh

  11. Hi Clyde,
    This site is really helpful for me, my husband is goan and he loves goan food. But m zero in cooking, however ur site is really helpful to me. Can you share Coconut bhatt receipe, i want to try that for this chritsmas.... please...
    Deepali Vaz

  12. Hey CLyde,
    Amazing site and a big applause for all the effort put in.You can make anyone cook goan dishes now.Tried a few recipes and they were awesome.I would like to know the recipe for caramel custard and the typical portuguese recipes like bols sans rival etc.Keep posting new recipes them all cheers

  13. Hi Clyde, Amazing work done with the site, truely goan, have tried some recipes and they were awesome and now i think any one will be able to cook goan food with your help.I am also looking for caramel recipes and portuguese dishes like bols sans rival etc...looking forward for new recipes as goa:-)


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