Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Milk Cream for a White Christmas

This is another yummy, easy to do, requires a lot of stirring not too many ingredients. I have been away from home for a while, I had some of these pictures with me so I decided to put this recipe up, its made during Christmas and well the magic of it is to get a white colour.

The secret to get the white colour is the amount of patience you have, the slower the flame and more the stirring the whiter your Milk Cream will be. So lets take a look at the ingredients now.


1 Litre Milk
450 Grams Sugar
100 Grams Ground Cashew Nuts
1 Table Spoon Butter

450 Grams of Sugar

100 Grams ground Cashewnuts


Boil the milk untill its half the quantity on a slow fire.
Boiling the Milk for Milk Cream
Add sugar and stir continously till the mixture thickens.
Add sugar to the milk
Once its nice and thick and all the sugar has dissolved add the ground cashew nut powder. Make sure you never let the mixture get stuck to the bottom of the vessel.
Mixing Cashewnut Powder
When you see the bubbles at the edge of the vessel, its nearly ready, you will need to take out a little taste and test its consistency by testing it in water.
Stir continously till bubbles appear at the sides
You can then remove the mixture, keep it to cool it will then look like what it is below.
Cooled Milk cream
You will need to butter the mould and mould it, I have put up a picture below although its Marzipan that is being moulded you can see that the mould is nice and buttery so the moulded piece slips out.
Moulding the Milk cream
Once all the Milk Cream is moulded you will need to keep it for drying once again, overnight is more than enough. The sweet can be place on a newspaper sheet like the one below and left to dry.
Moulded Milk Cream kept for drying
Once its done you can store it in an airtight container, Milk Cream melts in the mouth by the way :) Yummy.
Milk Cream
Do hope you enjoy another marvelous Goan Sweet Recipe, it is difficult to get updates frequent updates as I need to get pictures of the process as its done. Since we have been receiving requests for some yummy food the next recipe will not be a sweet. Till then enjoy some sumptuous Goan food! has been spreading the joy of Goan Food to the world since 2008, if you use our recipes for commercial purpose please consider sending us a donation. If your family loves our recipes, just a thank you will make our day. Love is the magic ingredient in all our dishes!
To all those who have come here with the intention of copying our hard work, more love to you.

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